Support Me Becoming a Missionary!


Hi Everyone! I have some really exciting news!  Starting this coming year, I’ve been invited to serve as one of 135  young adults who will volunteer for a year serving with NET Ministries. NET (National Evangelization Teams) is an organization based in St. Paul, MN and since 1981 they have trained and sent 2,000 young adults in teams to travel across the United States to share their faith and love of Christ with youth on NET retreats.  On August 15th I will board a plane to Minnesota to participate in a five-week faith-training program. Then from September to May, I will be leading retreats across the country and evangelizing to teens. I first learned about NET at a conference two years ago. The idea of serving really stuck with me and I have decided to take this year to serve before I continue working towards my degree.  I am especially excited about serving with NET because I love sharing my faith and working with youth in a ministry setting!

As part of the invitation to serve with NET Ministries, it is required that I raise $5,000 to help partially fund my year of service.  I have decided that as part of my fundraising, 75-100% of all the income I receive from all photography sessions will go towards my $5,000 goal, which is where YOU come in!

I would like to give you the opportunity to receive beautiful pictures of you and your loved ones all while helping me work towards my $5,000 goal, and as part of this offer, I am taking $50 off any session, which is including Senior Sessions, general Portrait Sessions, and Family Sessions.  More information about investment and examples of my work can be seen right here on the blog, or my Facebook page {here} Donations to NET Ministries are also tax-deductible!

If you’d like to learn more about NET, visit, and feel free to click on the ‘Donate’ tab and donate straight to my fund (just be sure to leave a note in the comments section that your donation is for Jacque Szczepanski’s fund.)

Since I will be leaving in August, I am booking sessions right up until the beginning of August, and not booking any until I return in May of next year!  I’m incredibly excited and very blessed to be presented with this unique opportunity, and gratefully accept any thoughts and prayers you have to offer at this time as well.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or phone to book your session.  I look forward to meeting with you!

Jacque Szczepanski

503 931 3215

Salem, OR Business Photographer + Mud Pie Pottery

This past Saturday I had the great pleasure of photographing Dave and Cheri Posedel while they were hard at work throwing beautiful pottery and preparing orders.  I have known the Posedels for a few years now, but they just welcomed a new member to their family- Tilly, a miniature goldendoodle puppy.  So of course half the time was spent playing with sweet Tilly, the other was spent photographing the cat.

It was a lot of fun working on a different side of photography!  Thanks so much Cheri and Dave for having me out, and remember to support your local small businesses this christmas and visit , or visit their gallery off of Keubler Rd. in South Salem, just across the street from Sprague HighSchool.

IMG_8542 IMG_8525 IMG_8524 IMG_8523 IMG_8512 IMG_8510 IMG_8611 IMG_8610 IMG_8573-2 IMG_8554 IMG_8827 IMG_8775 IMG_8755 IMG_8720

Updates, Thank-you’s + Special offers!

Hello there everyone!

A thousand apologies for not updating this page more often.  I think I’m pretty well caught up at this point though, but I wanted to say  THANK YOU so much to everyone who has chosen me as their photographer this past year.  During this year of  some personal changes for me, it is so comforting to know I can always come back and be able to do what I love while serving the people I enjoy the very most-YOU GUYS!  This past year has been a very big step for me as an artist, with my first art show hosted by the Ike Box in Salem and a few pieces winning champion honors at State Fair.  I enjoy working with each and every one of you and I am feeling SO blessed!

Okay, now to the super-good offers and stuff! A couple things:

1- Winter break is approaching at breakneck speeds (seems like it was yesterday I started Fall Term.  And now it’s almost finals time. Freakout!), now is the perfect time to schedule a session when all your kids and college students are home.  If you book for the month of December, I’ll pull $50 off the session fee (travel rates still apply for those who are outside the immediate Salem area)!  Check on my investment page here and send me a message at to secure your session.  I only have a certain number of days open, and Oregon only holds its’ rain for so many hours!

2- This winter I have had the opportunity to branch out and give black + white darkroom photography a swing.  I have also been interested in developing my portfolio more, so I am searching for a few models for some sessions.  These would be of no cost to you or me, but I would give you a disk with the touched-up images as a “Thank you” for the use of your time and beautiful face.  I’m particularly interested in photographing musicians and younger couples/newlyweds/engaged couples.  But, if you own a horse or have a special talent such as breathing fire I would love to hear from you as well! ;-)

So, if you’re interested in meeting and having some fun in front of the camera, please send me a message at and tell me a little bit about yourself, and include a recent photo of yourself as well.

Well-that about sums it up!  Thanks for hanging in there with me, if you have any thoughts or feedback of any of my recent sessions, I would love to hear them!  The mini-sessions were a big hit and it was grand to meet with some new people as well as some old friends!